Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weathering the storm!

High winds and snow have meant that we've had to close Lyme Park this last weekend.
Several large pine trees have been blown over along the main drive, and a large sycamore in Elmerhurst Wood has been effectively snapped in two by winds well over 50mph. On the plus side, at least we've got a few fencing jobs to keep us busy...

Ploughing and gritting has been the order of the last few days. On Sunday, a team of our trained volunteers conducted a thorough post-storm tree inspection ahead of reopening. After traipsing around for a few hours looking for hung up branches, lifted root plates, and splits in the trunks of trees, our volunteers grabbed some snow shovels and got to work clearing the timber yard and house steps.
Mission accomplished, and a well earned brew was in order, so it was all up to the estate office to warm up.
Spring might seem like a distant mirage, but Easter weekend is just around the corner, so let's all hope that the temperatures pick up soon! 

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