Monday, 11 March 2013

Walling at The Knott

The latest blog is a photographic diary written by "one of the walling team". Another fantastic job completed, thank you to all concerned.

The following images show the various stages of the repair in the wall between The Knott and Hasebank Wood.

9 January 2013
Starting to strip out the old wall.

Wall stripped back and new foundation laid.
16 January 2013 

Wall partially re-built
21 January 2013
Work halted as the repair stones were frozen to the ground.
31 January 2013 
Wall going up again.
27 February 2013
Nearing the correct height.
 2 March 2013
Repaired wall now at the correct height.
6 March 2013
The finished article with coping stones.
A front view of the finished repair.  Hopefully, this will last many years without any maintenance.

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