Monday, 26 August 2013

Estate Apprentice, Summer 2013

This summer's estate apprentice has been a big success, as we've renovated the footpath near Crow Wood with help from hundreds of tiny hands. We've had three events, and great turnouts for all of them, helped no doubt by the cracking weather.

All potential apprentices were kitted out with an Edwardian-style flat cap and waistcoat, before they grabbed a mini rake or shovel and got to work helping the rangers on the footpath. As the old adage goes, many hands make light work, and our army of mini rangers did a sterling job.

Our army of apprentices hard at work with the rangers
Along with the pathwork, several volunteers from our Wednesday volunteer group demonstrated the ancient craft of drystone walling to encourage the next generation to "Have a go". Who knows, perhaps the baton has been passed to some of the wallers of the future? 

The walling team get their stall set out 
And for those who weren't quite as keen on the "hands-on" activities, there was always the chance to sit in the tractor and pretend to everyone was a winner! 

The tractor proved to be very popular!
Many thanks to everyone who came along and helped, and as ever to our volunteers who contributed to making the event a success. And to volunteer ranger Graham for supplying the photos.

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